Digital Marketing and UX Designer

Hylite is a startup that brings much-needed positivity into the workplace and the lives of employees who deserve it most. We make it easy for customers to provide positive feedback about individual employees - all it takes is a text. Hylite boosts employee morale, leading to better customer service, more loyal customers and retention of the company’s best people.


Sep 2020 - Dec 2020 (Full Time)

Dec 2020 - Present (Freelance)


CEO/Founder, Business Development Fellow


Sketching, Figma, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, Canva, HubSpot, Wix

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Website Revamp

The Hylite website was pretty bare-boned when I joined the company. I redesigned the structure of the website to help guide users to key features and to thoughtfully add information about Hylite as the company grew.


Social Media

There was a single Instagram post and only 37 followers when I joined Hylite. I created a content calendar and post templates to develop a brand and presence on Instagram as well as Facebook and LinkedIn.



I took the primitive Hylite sign and turned it into an eye-catching, simplified sign that has helped businesses receive more Hylites. I also planned the way Hylite should mass distribute signs and found a printing partner.


CEO's Right Hand Man

I help Marissa with business strategy, employee interviews, talking through new ideas, and anything else she wants a second opinion on. I love collaborating to move Hylite forward.

Hylite Website Revamp

Old Site

When I joined the team, Hylite was a newer startup. Marissa, the CEO had a very basic website with her original branding. 


New Site

I changed the branding a touch, to be more readable and modern. I also added all the necessary pages for Hylite to grow and showcase it's progress.


Future Updates

In the future, once the company has a CTO and funding, I hope to help design the site and build it out from scratch on a no-Wix platform. I think this will help to make the site more easily editable by the whole Hylite team. I also think this will solve any issue an inconsistancies between Desktop and Mobile.

Check out the full site at https://www.hylitepeople.com/

Social Media

Social media is now a crucial tool for spreading awareness about a brand such as Hylite. Unfortunately, when I came onto the team, there wasn't really a social media presence. I decided to start with Instagram and then move to Facebook and LinkedIn. I created a content calendar with posts every other day at first to start building a grid, and I created templates for a lot of these posts.

As I moved on to my full time job, I helped Marissa find new graphic design and social media interns to continue what I had started.



Old Sign

I felt as though the original signs were easily overlooked and a little too busy to be effective.


New Sign

My solution was to make the signs into the shape of the Hylite logo! I think this version has better hierarchy and is more attention grabbing when placed in businesses.